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This beautiful quote is from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  In this scene, a young man reflects on the inconstancy of love: he reasons that it strikes like lightning, but can vanish just as quickly. 

In my most vulnerable state as an educator, I offer this quote as a metaphor for teaching Shakespeare.

Inspiration strikes at unlikely moments for many of us--in the car on the way to work, in the shower, at dinner with a friend, or in the midst of downward-facing dog in a yoga class.  Like a strike of lightning--you've got it!  The most brilliant brilliance to ever spring from your brilliant teacher mind! You create, you plan, you practice... and it may remain quick and bright as ever, or it may unravel into confusion.  Alas, better luck next time.  

It is in this unfixed mindset that I create my first post for my blog and begin my 10th year of teaching.  All the planning in the world will never guarantee the success of my lessons, of my blog, or of my Shakespeare units, but it's only a matter of time before the next quick, bright thing electrifies my mind and heart, and I try again.  

There are thousands of reasons to invite Shakespeare into your classroom.  Trust me, I'll illuminate them here as my blog grows.  Conversely, there are plenty of reasons not to.  We can easily ascertain that our students won't relate to it, that it's too archaic, that it's too complex, and that we just don't have the time or resources to implement it well.  Teaching Shakespeare is not without its roadblocks; we all know this.  

But then there's that nagging truth that rears its stubborn head again and again... he's survived for 400 years, and he permeates the English language, literature as a whole, and our human experience.  Oh yeah--and he's listed in the Common Core State Standards for grades 9-12, too.  

If you take a few moments to peruse my long love affair with Shakespeare (or Billy Shakes, as I have come to call him), you'll understand my drive to keep him alive and well in my classroom and in others'.  You may share this passion of mine, or you may just be seeking support for the band-aid you know you must eventually rip off.  Regardless, I welcome you.  

Leave some comments, some feedback, or some inspiration.  Let's grow together.
Once more, unto the breach!!

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